Ford’s ship store goes above and beyond for Sailors


Every Sailor checking aboard Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) will at some point need to purchase commonly used items, but leaving the ship to go shopping is not always an option.

Ford’s ship store, which opened July 15, 2015, offers customers a wide array of products ranging from drinks and snacks, to clothes and uniform items.  The ship’s store also features a coffee shop that opened last month.

“I know right now with temperatures being pretty mild, people are still steadily coming in to get a cup of coffee,” said Lt. j.g. Donald Graybill, the ship’s Sales Officer. “As it continues to get colder I can only image how its’ popularity will grow.”


Commanding Officer Captain Meier and Ship Sponsor Susan Ford Bales cut a ribbon for the grand opening of Mac’s, the new coffee shop aboard the Ford.

With so many products available there seems to be little that the Ford crew could ask for, but if customers want additional products they can actively influence the products available for sale through the use of suggestion slips located at the register.

“We get [requests for] anything from specific drinks and snacks, to tobacco products and memo pads,” said Graybill. “Pretty much anything that you can image, people have asked for it, and within the realm of capability we do our best to accommodate that.”

If there is ever any confusion about the store or its services, there are service review boards held to proactively answer any questions that Sailors may have.

“We do them [service review boards] with the Food Service Attendants,” said Graybill. “That is one of the times where you can actually go down and to talk to the division officers, and ask questions that may not have been answered to your liking.”


Commanding Officer Captain Meier and Ship Sponsor Susan Ford Bales cut a ribbon for the grand opening of Mac’s, the new coffee shop aboard the Ford.

“Sailors should know that all of the revenue that the store generates goes right back to Fords’ Sailors,” said Ship’s Serviceman 3rd Class Derek Lindberg.  “We support MWR with the parties that they are involved in, and are the main ones who gave money for this past year’s holiday party.”

Before heading down to the store, here are a few tips:

  •  Everyone must be in the proper uniform before entering the store. This includes not wearing covers and jackets for security purposes.
  • The store is operational between the hours of 0900 and 1500.
  • In order to purchase items in the store you must either have a Navy Cash card, or cash. The store does not accept outside debit or credit cards.
  • If there is anything that you wish that the store would carry, remember to fill out a suggestion slip, located at the registers.

For more information about Gerald R. Ford visit

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