PCU Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is the namesake aircraft carrier named for former President Gerald R. Ford

Our mission is to set the standard for the crew that will endure for the life of the ship. We will accomplish this by focusing on three distinct areas:

Command Climate – Without getting the command climate right, nothing else is possible. Our commanding officer has charged the ship’s leadership, at every level, to make a significant investment in creating a culture of respect, dignity, and excellence.

Safety – The shipyard is a daunting industrial environment, which presents complex safety challenges. To mitigate these risks, Gerald R. Ford is building an empowered and proactive crew and an enduring culture of safety.

Training – The more than 40 new or modified systems require innovative training solutions that include coordination with multiple program offices, naval education centers of excellences, and in some cases, training with original equipment manufacturers.

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Thank you for your interest in and support of the crew of PCU Gerald R. Ford.

General Information

PCU Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Ombudsman Contact Information:

Alison Farrar:
Email: cvn78.ombudsman.alison@gmail.com
Command cell: 757-708-5581

Jessica Hall:
Email: cvn78.ombudsman.jessicah@gmail.com
Command cell: 757-708-5761

Stella Roskens:
Email: cvn78.ombudsman.stella@gmail.com
Command cell: 757-708-0359

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